N95 mask for smoke

n95 mask for smoke

UNIAIR SH2550 NIOSH N95 Mask Cup Shape


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UNIAIR SH2550 NIOSH N95 mask was doubly approved by CDC NIOSH and Chinese GB standard. It is designed for industrial use such as mining, painting and construction. Bad weather such as haze and smog.

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UNIAIR SH2550 N95 Mask details

UNIAIR SH2550 is N95 mask approved by CDC NIOSH. It offers at least 95 percent filtration efficiency against airborne particles such as those from Sanding, Ore and smoke. Different from most of the N95 masks, its’ adjustable strap allows users to adjust the length.



BRAND    Uniair
MODEL   SH2550
N95 TC NUMBER: TC-84A-4007
APPROVAL DATE: 5/14/2003
MANUFACTURER: San Huei United Company, Ltd.
STYLE: Headstrap

Quantity: 20 pcs per box



Skin-friendly & soft material
Adjustable strap
Patented head strap buckle to adjust the length of head strap for various facial sizes.
CDC NIOSH approved mask.
At least 95% filtration efficiency.


Sanding, Sweeping, Cleaning and other smoky operations.