1. Remove gloves.

The CDC recommends the following glove-off techniques:
*Grab the cuff of one of the gloves near your wrist and use that handle to peel it off completely, turning it over.
*Continuing to hold the first glove with your other gloved hand, slide your ungloved fingers into the other glove.
*Flip it over onto the first glove and peel it off to make a “bag”.
*Put the gloves in the clinical waste bin.

2. Take off your robe.

When removing the gown, the front and all parts of the sleeves should be considered for contamination. Gently release the bottom flap, then release the top flap. At this point, some robes can be removed or rolled up. For others, it is necessary to untie all ties (or untie all buttons).
Then, make sure your sleeves don’t touch your body, slide your hands under the neckline of the gown. Reach towards the shoulders of the robe, pulling it down and away from the body. Be sure not to touch the outside of clothing. Turn it over and discard the bundled gown in the medical waste bin.

3. It is now safe to leave the ward.

4. Hands should be cleaned after leaving the room.

5. Remove the mask or goggles.

Generally, the front of the glasses should be contaminated. It is recommended to grasp the headband or arm of the mask or goggles with sanitized hands without gloves. Carefully pull the glasses up and away from the face without touching the front of the shield.
If the glasses are disposable, do not dispose of the glasses in the medical waste bin. If reusable, place them in designated sterile containers.