The virus has gradually become a hot topic, alarming the world. The viral disease has spread around the world, from one person to another. So many people are considering using surgical masks and respirators to protect themselves. After practical test trials, the best N95 masks have come out infront of people and got popular. Now this article will introduce you 3 best N95 face masks. (For more accurate information, you can check CDC website)

1. Benehal MS8225 N95 Face Masks
The headband style design of this face mask ensures a soft and gentle wearing experience, eliminating the pressure behind the ears. The 3d adjustable nose clip with its inner and outer layer offers more space for you to breathe. Not to mention its fliter media with four filter layers provides a high efficient protection. But please note that there will be some smell for the new mask which is a normal situation for this Benehal MS8225 face mask beacuse of the special filter media used.

2. Fangtian FT-N040 N95 Face Masks
Most users like its 4-layer protective design with the double head straps, reducing its eyewear fog and suits for all ages and sizes. Also, the comfortable fit allows users to breathe freely. Finally ,the material used is latex-free, so people who are alergic to latex can have more choice for their personal protection.

3. Honeywell H910 Plus N95 Masks
This type of N95 face mask has multilayered absorption media and fits for most faces comfotablly. The moisture resistance filter media that repels moisture for a longer lasting respirator, so if you work in a wet invironment, this will help you a lot.